World Domination Naroto Faction

World Domination December 06th, 2012 – World Domination Battle For Brazil – Naroto Faction was created. World Domination Naroto Faction have 4 more vacant spaces available for high level players that are level 140 and above. We need daily active players that have good stat and attractive hourly income. Send in your request now. All   [Read the Rest…]

Alliance Data ID Number Really Make You Stronger?

Alliance Data Alliance Data ID Number really make you stronger in Modern War Game? The answer is NO! Rather disappointed answer right? YES! This the fact you need to accept. The allied number is important to prevent you from being attack or being raid. What this mean? If you have added a person’s allied number   [Read the Rest…]

Gold Scam

Gold Scam Gold Scam Messages I have saw these messages many months back, yet it is still being posted by players till today. I believe that most of these players who posted or re-posted these messages are new players and do believe that it can happen. The reason of this happen is because GREE have   [Read the Rest…]

Modern War Codes Alliance IDs Number

Modern War Codes Alliance IDs Number Benefit Of Owning Allied Numbers On Pdf eBook You can print it out for easy reference. You can have it on your gadget all the while. You no longer need to search for it all over internet. What you get from the net, there are chances that you will   [Read the Rest…]

Codes For Modern War Why Need It?

Codes For Modern War Why Need It? Large¬† Alliances Bring More Units And Are More Powerful. Nothing Changes Unless You Make It Change. Power Resides Where Men Believe It Resides.¬† There’s Strength In Numbers! Listed below are some of the communication extracted from Modern War Game Comments Board by players. This will give you some   [Read the Rest…]